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Relatively well informed and irreverent musings on religion, news, and society. Grab a seat and join old friends, Rabbi Asher Lopatin and his former synagogue president, John Geiringer. Imagine sharing a drink with two news junkies who keep an open mind, challenge the status quo, and love discussing the comedy, tragedy, absurdity, and reality of the Jewish experience. Throughout their discussions, John will ask Asher provocative questions that congregants wish they could ask their rabbis.

Podcast Host(s)

Ep 6 – Shehecheyanu

Our co-hosts discuss cultivating an attitude of gratitude, even for comfort-fit pants.  Asher then explains life lessons we can learn from golf.  They then discuss space, the final frontier, and Asher assuages John’s concerns about being probed by aliens.  With many synagogues undergoing transitions, John asks Asher about the attributes of an effective rabbi, and he explains how synagogues can survive, and even thrive, in the post-pandemic era.


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