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Relatively well informed and irreverent musings on religion, news, and society. Grab a seat and join old friends, Rabbi Asher Lopatin and his former synagogue president, John Geiringer. Imagine sharing a drink with two news junkies who keep an open mind, challenge the status quo, and love discussing the comedy, tragedy, absurdity, and reality of the Jewish experience. Throughout their discussions, John will ask Asher provocative questions that congregants wish they could ask their rabbis.

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Ep 27 – Count on Me

Jews are in a period of semi-mourning as we count the days of the Omer after Passover.  So it’s only appropriate that this episode is heavier than most, as we discuss the Holocaust, funerals, yahrtzeits, and plagues.  Luckily, Asher infuses his patented optimism throughout the episode and helps us conclude on an uplifting note, as we discuss both the afterlife and birkas ha-ilanos, an annual prayer for newly flowering trees.  We also debate whether Asher should buy a round at his local neo-Nazi biker bar.


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