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Relatively well informed and irreverent musings on religion, news, and society. Grab a seat and join old friends, Rabbi Asher Lopatin and his former synagogue president, John Geiringer. Imagine sharing a drink with two news junkies who keep an open mind, challenge the status quo, and love discussing the comedy, tragedy, absurdity, and reality of the Jewish experience. Throughout their discussions, John will ask Asher provocative questions that congregants wish they could ask their rabbis.

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Ep 10 – Careful Where you Shake that Lulav

Warning: this episode is spicier than most.  We start by discussing why we read about sexual ethics on Yom Kippur, and how even the traditional Jewish view on homosexuality is more nuanced than you’d think.  We advise the UC Berkeley law school’s Queer Caucus why it may not want to hold its next event in Hebron.  Asher explains Sukkot, and tries (and fails) to describe its four species while avoiding Freudian slips.  Finally, John officially launches his one-man effort to make Simchat Beit HaShoeiva great again.


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